Worker blows mulch through hose.

Terraseeding is the name given to the PATENTED process which only we can offer in our area. We can blow topsoil into place with grass seed evenly distributed and computer calibrated all in one step. Remember the old way? Soil is raked smooth, fertilizer is applied, lime is applied, grass seed is broadcast then raked, and finally, straw is layered over the top. Our system gives INCREDIBLE results in JUST ONE STEP!


Before: This yard needs lots of work. After: Lovely!After

Any granular material such as grass seeds, wildflower seeds, fertilizers, or herbicides can be injected into any material we can blow. Are you tired of pulling weeds? Imagine the convenience of having us inject herbicide into the mulch we apply for you! Would you like to renaturalize an area? We'll inject wildflower seeds into compost as we blow.

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