How Much Do I Need?
Worker blows mulch through hose.

We can help you determine an estimate of the amount of mulch you need: just give us a call and tell us how many square feet will be covered and how deep you want the material and we'll convert this to cubic yards. Or, try our online calculator to help you get an estimate! (Remember that this is an estimate only and you will be billed for actual yardage used.) We will try to steer you away from "overmulching". Horticulturists recommend a 3"-4" layer of mulch for bedding plants because if you go significantly over this depth you run the risk of injuring your plants. It can suffocate the roots of shallow growing species and possibly cause cankers around the bases of susceptible trees and shrubs. The decomposition of the mulch creates a very rich humus and if overmulched plant roots may grow UP into this humus instead of down. Of course, on paths or areas with no plantings, the depth is up to you!

lower trucks arrive with approximately 300 feet of hose on board. If the distance from where the truck will need to park to where the mulch goes is greater than this, just mention it when you place your order. We can use in excess of 500 feet. Prices for blower truck installation are per cubic yard and include double-ground pine or hardwood bark mulches, and installation. An additional delivery charge will be calculated based on your zip code. Minimum order requirements apply, and vary by season. Quantity discounts start at 26 cubic yards. Landscapers call us for special quotes on your projects - we can help your bottom-line! Dump deliveries are also available with no minimum order required. Prices for the mulch (pine or hardwood) are per cubic yard and the delivery charge is based on your zip code – just call for a quote! Of course, we can deliver any of our mulch, soil and sand products – prices vary by product

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